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Supported tags

  • [vid_title]: Video title
  • [vid_title]: Video description
  • [vid_embed]: Video embed code
  • [vid_id]: Video ID
  • [vid_url]: Video url
  • [vid_img]: Video thumbnail url
  • [vid_views]: Number of views of the video
  • [vid_likes]:Like count
  • [vid_duration]:Video duration
  • [vid_width]:Width of the video
  • [vid_height]:Height of the video
  • [vid_created_time]:The time when the video was created on vimeio
  • [vid_modified_time]: The time when the video was last modified
  • [vid_author_name]:Video author name
  • [vid_author_id]:ID of the author
  • [vid_author_link]:URL of the author’s profile
  • [vid_author_picutre]:Author’s thumbnail image.
  • [vid_tags]:Tags of the video.
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