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  1. Maximum number of posts/feeds:- 
  2. Feeds to post:- Add one feed URL in one line and hence you should create a separate feed campaign for each RSS feed.
  3. Rotate Feeds:- This option will help you auto-post unique feeds from the links provided in the above section.
  4. Single Title extraction method:- Define the extraction method for the feed title here.
  5. Content extraction method:- Choose any extraction method from the drop-down list.
  6. Specific extraction to a custom field:- This option will help you define some taxonomies for content extraction.
  7. Strip parts after extracting content using ID or Class:- Choose this option to strip off some segments of the feeds by using CSS ID or Class.
  8. Strip parts after extracting content using REGEX:- YExtract and concat multiple feeds into one by using the rule of REGEX. You will need to define the rule in the start and end tags. To master REGEX, it is suggested to look into a few examples.
  9. Strip HTML tags:- Choose this option to strip off all the HTML tags present in the extracted content.
  10. Load the site pages using APIFY.COM:- 
  11. Add posts with their original time
  12. Set post categories to original post categories

13. Set meta tags as WordPress tags

14. Extract original tags and set them as tags (using id/class)

15. Extract original author and set it as the post author (using id/class/XPath)

16. Skip posts with no content

17. Skip posts without images

18. Process items from bottom to top instead

19. Decode HTML entities

20. Auto-fix transfer closed with bytes remaining to read

21. Convert encoding before posting

22. Clean URL encoding value

23. Don’t extract enclosure image 

24. Don’t try to find feed URL, the added URL is already a feed URL

25. Don’t strip script tags

26. Don’t try to guess redirections using JavaScript and HTTP-equiv to refresh

27. Get og:title instead of the feed title. used for Facebook share.

28. Don’t try to get original title from the original post and use what is in the feed.

29. Fix images lazy loading

30. Set cookies

31. Exclude Item if it is older than a specific date







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