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  1. Amazon category: Choose the category from which the product’s information should be extracted.
  2. Specify a browse node: Search a specific node on browsenodes.com and obtain a node ID that you need to insert here to limit posting to a subcategory. (Remember to select a category before specifying the node)
  3. Set items search order: Check this box to enable to set of the order of items that are present in the search result.
  4. Price range: Set the price range of the products that should be extracted and posted.
  5. Set Search criteria: Add specific search criteria to the products like selecting a specific author (whose books should be posted) when you are posting different books.
  6. Amazon site extension: Select the Amazon site region.
  7. Make purchase link directly to the amazon chart add page: Redirect the user to add to chart form directly.
  8. Set product description as excerpt: Add product description in the excerpt.
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