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WP Automatic Plugin

WP Automatic Plugin can help in Auto posting & rewriting

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How to install WP Automatic Plugin? Step

New campaign setup
New campaign setup

How to set up a campaign? Step

General setting options
General setting options

General settings that are applicable for all


Here, we will discuss the campaign-specific options

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Yes, of course! you will receive a unique license key for your purchase. You can find your license key under my account – license key section.

Of course yes! The license of this WordPress plugin is valid forever. Apart from the license, you will also get free updates of the product for a lifetime.

Technically, the license will remain active for a lifetime and hence you will get free updates forever without any doubt. So don’t worry! You will be able to use an updated version of the plugin forever.



There is no defined tenure for the license and hence your license will be valid for eternity.

You will get free updates of this plugin for a lifetime without any additional terms and conditions.


yes, you will get automatic updates for a lifetime with any of our plans. We feel that updates are the most important thing for a WordPress Website and hence we offer a lifetime free updates.

Didn’t like our product? Don’t worry! This plugin comes with a 15-day refund policy and hence you can claim your refund within that tenure. For more information on refunds, you can check our Refund Policy

Yes, you will!. You will get technical support from our experts for a year. But if you want technical support after this period, then you need to renew your support validity. Remember that your plugin will continue to work without any limitations.

Definitely yes! You can anytime do the same by purchasing that license.

No! You need to renew the support validity for technical assistance from our end.

The amount shown on the website is charged one time. Once you have purchased this plugin, then you can use it for a lifetime. Moreover, you will get free updates as well.


yes, you will get automatic updates for a lifetime with any of our plans. We feel that updates are the most important thing for a WordPress Website and hence we offer a lifetime free updates.

You will get integrated translators and content/article spinners. These will help you to translate the content into your preferred language and rewrite the same in a unique manner.

This plugin is a very lightweight plugin that is optimized to provide the best performance without affecting your SEO rankings.

Presently our plugin can help you to import content from social media platforms and then post it on the website. But we are developing the feature of scheduling and automating social media posting. After purchasing this plugin, you will get all such updates for free.

We have been registered on this domain for the past 13 years. Moreover, we have a dedicated team for providing technical support to our users and have registered offices in USA & India. Our license of the product is valid for a lifetime and you can enjoy its functionalities without any restrictions. In case, if you still have any confusion or doubt, feel free to contact us.

No! We are not related to Codecanyon or any other similar plugin. We hold all the rights for WP Automatic Brand. We deliver our products and services to the users who have purchased from this website or from the websites of our authorized partners and affiliates.


Absolutely yes! This tool comes with inbuilt translators which can help in translating the content to your preferred language with accuracy.


Yes, you can use it! But there are two approaches for the same. These are:

  • Opt for a license that offers multiple sites: We have licenses that offer plugin integration for multiple domains. You can opt for the same and use it for your client’s websites.
  • Purchase our single domain license for the client: Simply join our affiliate program, and refer our plugin to your client and earn a 30% commission on the sales. For more information on our affiliate program

You will get a dashboard with an interactive graphical user interface to use the features of the plugin. So no technical/coding skills will be required to use this plugin. Simply check out our documentation to know all the features of this plugin.

It is a WordPress plugin and is compatible with all its versions. To integrate and use this plugin, you need to have a self-hosted WordPress website. No other strings attached!

  • Anyone with the requirements: This tool can be perfect for someone who wants to create unique content and post it on the website automatically.
  • Affiliate Marketer: If you are an affiliate marketer, then this tool can help you to maintain a decent website with product images, descriptions, images, price, and affiliate links with complete Woo-Commerce support that can help in buying the product directly from your website. it will save your time and will give you ample time for strategy building.
  • Anyone with a small team size for website maintenance: Maintaining a website involves responsibilities including uploading new content needs times in reviewing the content, posting it at the right time, sharing them on social media, constantly auditing a website for technical problems, and many more. If you don’t have a dedicated team for the same, then you may lose a large part of the audience that may bring revenue to your business. So if you have the same team for website maintenance, then this tool can help in fulfilling some of the responsibilities and improving the productivity of your team. at the end of the day, it will be a win-win situation for you, your team, and your business.
  • Blogger: If you are a blogger, then you understand the importance of posting content on trending topics as soon as possible. But finding the content and then writing and uploading it may take some time and there is a high chance that the trend may become obsolete/outdated. But this tool can help in finding the content as soon as it is published on the source website and rewrite it automatically within some minutes. You can even translate fetched content as per your preference. So your website will be able to make your life convenient and gain consistent traffic for your blogs with the help of this plugin.


Download and install this plugin from the website. You get a simple dashboard wherein you can create campaigns, set time intervals, schedule bulk actions, and many more. The handbook or documentation and tutorials to use this tool are already available on the website. Kindly check them to know all the features and how to use them.

Presently, For engagement and traffic, it is important to keep your website updated. But it is a time-consuming task and one person can’t be available every time to post updates. These updates can be the latest news, articles, latest product collection, latest uploaded video, tweets, etc. Now you can update such information on your website without manual intervention in your format. Apart from importing content ( from any source to website), this tool can help in the following:

  • Maintaining your affiliate links & selling products with Woo-Commerce support
  • Translating imported content into any language
  • Rewriting content without changing the context

WP Automatic plugin is a WordPress plugin that can help in importing any type of content (including text, images, videos, sounds, etc) from any source (websites, RSS feeds, social media handles, e-commerce platforms) and publish it on your website. To know more about it, you can check its features.

Yes of course, as all our prices are inclusive of tax and we do not take additional amount for tax from our customer. But we pay 18% tax to local authorities, if you are from India. we can provide you a GST invoice. For that mail us your GST number and Company Name to .

Yes of course, our system automatically generates a invoice for you but if you need a tax invoice, you can contact our support or email us at and get your tax invoice.

Didn’t like our product? Don’t worry! This plugin comes with a 15-day refund policy and hence you can claim your refund within that tenure. For more information on refunds, you can check our Refund Policy

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